Máy in UV Forni FJ-2000UV

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Loại sản phẩm Máy in UV
Thương hiệu Forni

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• Environmental trends Benefiting from the environmental trends of LED cold solidified technology, the machine achieves Longer life, lower energy consumption. There is almost no ozone when printing. The UV ink we use which contains of almost no VOC is better for the environment during the whole working time

• High Quality Machine adopts industrial head of 7pl, to guarantee higher quality. The machine has moulds and high precision CNC parts to ensure the precision of the whole machine, so as to ensure the high levet of printing quality. Nearby ten years experience of electrical machinery, ink transmission,design and manufacturing in this printing area, to ensure the machine stability.

• More applications
Equipped with 2 or 3 Ricoh Gent heads: two heads for CMYK, one head for white, this printing soul can be applied to more industries, to ensure the investment ratio of value is maximized.


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